Cooked Hemp

Cooked Hemp:

Hempseed is the seed of the cannabis plant and for a long time this exceptional coarse fishing bait was banned from many waters.  Some said that the seeds drugged the fish and gave the match Anglers who used it an unfair advantage. This is now proven to be untrue as the seeds are treated to prevent growth and the subsequent production of the THC’s, the chemicals which give cannabis its potency as a drug.   As hemp is black in colour and around the size of fine gravel it is thought that fish believe them to be water snails or indeed gravel.  Either way Hempseed is renowned for attracting quality fish, particularly Roach, when fed little and often but is equally as effective when used as a carpet of feed for Carp, Tench and Bream on stillwaters along with Barbel and Chub in rivers.  These days this effective bait can be used for all these coarse fish due to the succesful introduction of river species into commercial stillwaters and vice versa.  Hemp is used as a hook bait either single grain on a small hook by carefully threading the bend of the hook through the split in the shell and leaving the hook point proud, this is a hard to beat method for catching fish on the drop when feeding little and often, although you’ll need to be quick not to miss the bites. Equally, laying a carpet of hemp is a great way to attract and hold large shoals and specimen size fish, particularly when used in conjunction with Casters, Tares, Sweetcorn and meat.

Preparation of Hemp:

Hempseed can be bought in dry in bulk and prepared by boiling for several hours in water. The hemp takes in water and the seeds darken and split, be aware that cooking hemp will cause a terrible stench. Also, undercooked hemp can be dangerous to fish as the seeds can expand once inside the fish.  Our packaged Hemp is carefully prepared for your convenience and are available in our machines. Why not try them with our Tares or Casters for the specimens in your chosen fishery?

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