Dead Reds

Dead reds are just as their name suggests maggots which have been dyed red and are no longer live. Whilst it may seem strange to use dead reds when live maggots have proven to be so effective but dead maggots, particularly red ones, are used to great effect producing large catches and luring specimen fish during pleasure sessions and competitive matches.

Dead reds do not wriggle and as such do not bury themselves in silt or mud, keeping them visible to passing fish. This means they can be used as loose feed when heavily baiting your fishing swim to attract and hold fish to specimen sizes. Useful in both summer and on hard winter days they can also entice wary fish from heavily fished waters. As dead red maggots are static, fish that have been caught regularly by anglers can become wary of new bait introduced into the swim, however these wary fish believe the dead red maggots have been in the water for a long period and are more likely to take these without hesitation.  Dead red maggots can be made available for purchase in Bait Bank vending machines.

The process of producing good quality dead reds can be messy and time consuming by either scalding or freezing the maggots and washing them.  It is important to get the maggots to look fresh despite being dead, some methods of preparing dead reds make the maggots brown and rotten looking or a paler red colour, Bait Bank dead reds are carefully prepared making them a vibrant colour red, perfectly soft,  fresh looking and juicy to give maximum attraction to your targeted fish. If you have any comments on our product range, maybe you would like to see your favourite bait stocked in our machines or have had a great day fishing using our products, why not use our contact page to keep us informed.

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