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Business Start Up:
Bait Bank Ltd was set up in 2012 by myself (Neil Riding) and my partner (Jennie) in Feb 2012. Our First Machine was installed at the award winning Wyreside Lakes Fishery in Lancaster in 2013.

Welcome to Bait Bank

Jennie Riding – Director

Welcome to Bait Bank

Neil Riding – Managing Director

I have been a keen regular fisherman for over 20 years, ever since I got hooked as a young boy (pardon the pun). My Dad was an avid fisherman too and was taught by his Dad (my Grandad) and so the tradition was carried on with me. My early memories are of my dad and I fishing on a local pond in my home town of Bolton, its name – Cat Lodge. We would be up at the crack of dawn to see the mist rising off the flat calm water, then the first rays of sunlight broke through the trees as we eagerly watched our floats waiting for any indication of the presence of feeding fish. Despite the shopping trolleys, tyres and debris around the pond I still recall its beauty and tranquilty, a mere puddle nestled in a beautiful valley and I have often marvelled at the fact that somehow this pond, which had a top depth of about 3 feet managed to hold bream to 4lb, Tench to 6lb, Perch and Crucian Carp to 1Lb plus and still had room for a whopping Eel and a double figure Pike!

Anyway I digress, Jennie and I met many years ago through work and we became instant friends, I had worked in the same industry as her for more years than I care to remember and Jennie had worked for the same family company for around the same length of time. Spending time together we soon bonded over long held dreams to live an alternative lifestyle and discovered that we shared an ambition to run our own business.

Taking Our Chance:
In 2011 we decided to give up the security of our steady jobs in favour of pursuing something more satisfying.  For a long time I had been thinking of how to solve the age old issue of how hard it was to get maggots to go fishing when it suited. As I have always worked during the day I found I had to rule out some fantastic evening sessions that could have been had due to an inability to get to maggots easily; an issue which had troubled me and my fishing buddies for over 20 years.
An Easier life for everyone:
We figured if we could make life easier for other anglers to go fishing when they wanted, by making bait more accessible to everyone, we could help a sport which is a passion for many, including myself. In particular we wanted to help young people, busy working adults, spontaneous anglers and the older generation who may not have the means or time to travel many miles to collect bait, who undoubtably miss out on obtaining the best bait for those spontaneous fishing sessions.

Fishery Benefits:

  • Increase in your Customer base
  • Increase in frequency of Customer visits
  • Free advertising through our website

We believe by eliminating the problem of obtaining bait at short notice, we can increase the frequency and regularity of which Anglers participate.  We can save Anglers time and money, two key factors which market research shows are important to participants of this wonderful sport.

How it works for you:

Bait Bank Ltd will own and run the machines ensuring products are refilled regularly in accordance with Customer demand.

  • Installation is FREE

Bait Bank packages can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Telephone 07973752204.

Unique Advertising OpportunitiesWyreside-Fishery-Bait-Machi

Advertising is everywhere, unique advertising is less common and more effective at reaching your target market.

As such we offer something different to advertise your Company or product. Our advertising banners are strategically placed on the sides of our machines in area’s of high footfall ensuring your advertisement is seen by as many potential Customers as possible.

Unique Advertising

Unique Advertising

Rates are competitive and start from just £2/Week for a 550mm x 150mm Advertising Banner. Short and long term deals can be tailored to suit your needs, so contact us today to find out how we can help you.

You won’t find the same advertising anywhere else and we only deal direct with businesses to keep our rates as low as possible.

For further contact information please view our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Neil and Jennie

Bait Bank Ltd







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