First time fishing – Borwick Fisheries, Jimmy’s Lake

So, its Summer, well…….. so the weathermen & ladies say, with variable temperatures and inconsistency being the order of the day in recent months, it seems hard to believe!

If you have read my recent posts you will know I have been eager to get fishing on Borwick fisheries, Carnforth since my winter session on Fingal’s fishpond which resulted in some great fish despite the subzero temperatures.

In true form, time hasn’t been on my side as i’m sure many of you find these days with the pressures of life and work, however God loves a trier and persistence prevailed and my wish finally came true.

Chatting with the bailiff’s at Borwick it appears that many Anglers have forgotten the art of Hemp & Tares fishing, with this in mind I thought it would be helpful to prove just how effective this method can be.

Electing to fish Jimmy’s lake on the advice of Dave the bailiff which hold a massive head of quality Roach to over 3lb plus specimen Carp, Tench, Catfish plus much more, I target my quarry armed with 13m Pole, some hemp & tares fresh from the biat bank onsite at Borwick Fisheries.

Peg 5 is the chosen swim and upon arrival, its evident the shear volume of fish in the lake with plenty of movement close in to far out, with some quite frankly massive Carp moving around the margins.

Electing to try and avoid the lovely Carp in favour of catching the quality Roach held in this water, I plumb the depth at 6-8 metre’s just past a slight marginal shelf and elect to fish here with a simple on the drop float rig, relatively light tackle considering the specimen fish in the lake.

When fishing hemp & tares its important to avoid using split shot as these can easily be confused as bait by teh fish and have you striking into thin air all day long, using olivette weights strung equidistant along the 4-5ft length and fishing just off bottom I begin to feed.

Initially a small handful of hemp with a few loose offerings of the tasty tares I will be fishing on the hook are thrown with deadly accuracy into the line, this if follow with a steady trickle of 10-12 loose offerings each cast.  It doesn’t take long (15 mins) before a small Roach snatches the tare on the size 6 hook and the fish fish of the day is in the net. (A good quick start is what you would expect with this method)

Rhythm is what you are after when fishing for quantity, as this will build a weight quickly and eventually attract the bigger fish into your swim, increasing or decreasing the trickle of bait being added will often result in the change of target species you might require in a match (I’m told) .

Now bites on hemp and tare can be fast and furious, its important to keep a relatively short line between pole tip and float in order to make contact with the fish quickly, making sure you can fish comfortably taking into account wind and extra length required to lay on should you decide to target bottom feeding fish such as the Carp or Tench.

A steady procession of small Roach continue to grace the net and with constant feeding for around an hour the fish size gradually begin to increase, all Roach being caught on single Tare fished on the drop, as the fish get bigger I try to increase the amount of bait being added each cast to 20-30 freebies, this works for a while with several fish of over a pound coming regularly until the swim goes awfully quiet.

Watching the water I notice some disturbance under the surface which indicates some larger fish have moved into the swim, not ideal as I’m targeting quality Raoch on light gear I don’t want to risk drawing in the very large Carp which have been swimming close by, a piece of sweetcorm as a change bait produces a lovely 4lb Tench which put up a great scrap on light gear. Fearing for my tackle I elect to ease off on the feed rate to attract the Roach back into the swim and up in the water which seems to work for a while, around 2 hours in and the weight in building nicely, with a mixture of smaller to medium sized Roach and a bite a chuck.

Suddenly a quite spell as the sun glares onto the water the mild breeze stops and lunchtime is upon me. Seems to be the case sometimes so I decide to try the feeder to a few hours, groundbait and maggot around 30m out, into quite weedy water about 5-6 feet deep, it produces an eel, a small Roach & a thumping bite which I missed by a mile! Time wasted really as if I was in a match I wouldn’t have stuck this out for quite as long, at least it gave me a break from fishing he pole which can be quite intense at times.

Whilst fishing the feeder I should have been continuing to drip feed the pole line as if I was fishing it, however I got lazy, not good if you want to keep catching and I pay for the mistake in the last few hours, effectively I have to start building the swim again, resulting in small Roach to add to the weight and very finicky bites, I opt to call it a day and take a look in my net to see what I have ……. not bad, i’d estimate over 30lb good Roach with the bonus Tench and no lost rigs to Carp, success of sorts, although next time I hope to catch the specimen Roach in this water which are present in good numbers, on another day with full concentration this could well be in excess of 100lb Roach, a red letter day if ever there was one.

Why not give hemp & tares fishing at try at Borwick Fisheries, its frantic action, has great potential for a specimen and relatively low cost at under 20 quid for your day ticket and bait (which can be bought onsite from Bait Bank) Tighlines.

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